3 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get More Sleep Naturally


A good night sleep is essential for maintaining optimal health, productivity and general wellness, yet, sleep is not a popular pastime in Australia. A survey by Westin Hotels & Resorts revealed that Australians slept on average 6.5 hours a night and only 6% of Australians always got enough sleep to feel at their best. If you're ready to change that trend and start getting more sleep, here are some ideas that will help.

27 June 2016

What You Should Know Before Beginning Physiotherapy


If you've never had physiotherapy before, you might be a little nervous about your first appointment. To help you feel better prepared, here's a quick guide to everything you'll want to know before you arrive. How does physiotherapy work? During physiotherapy you'll use a combination of movements, exercises and "manual therapy" - which is a lot like massage - to improve movement and strength in various parts of your body and to help you minimise the amount of pain you feel.

9 May 2016

4 Ways to Treat a Tension Headache Naturally


Many people simply pop a pill when they get a tension headache, but doing this too often can have the reverse effect and lead to rebound headaches, or medication overuse headaches. Instead, it's best to find natural ways to deal with the throbbing pain; ways that will not only help with the headache but hopefully with the tension that is causing the headache as well. Drink Plenty of Water This step seems simple, but a recent study by Thermos Australia found that more than two-thirds of Australians don't consume enough water daily.

19 April 2016